A dedicated team, small pleasures shared daily


Favday, a dream

We had a crazy dream and decided to create Favday to introduce people to new experiences, in unusual and trendy places with an unforgettable atmosphere, run by dedicated professionals.
Because our culture and profession gave us the chance to visit and experience the best addresses, over a long period we wanted to create a service that would allow you also to discover and enjoy products or quality services thanks to, a first free food or drink experience.

The Favday style, our style!

We are a dedicated team, motivated to change the rules through new consumption patterns.


Our idea is that we can help hundreds of local establishments to help you discover their exceptional talents, while stimulating the explorer in you.

Why the name Favday?

You will be able to live unique and exceptional experiences and every day, and feel at home in our partner establishments, so that this day will become your "Favorite Day”.


Favday, is the opportunity to discover new places you would have never found alone, and which you will like to return to.

Be active, meet up and let us show you the secrets of your streets, your neighborhoods, your regions in a different way.

Not a Favday member yet?

Daily complimentary experiences with beverages, gourmet snacks, and unforgettable activities all offered by our partner establishments.