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We put new innovative marketing tools in place to increase your sales by attracting new consumers who will discover your establishment and come back with their friends.

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The new clients Favday brings are targeted and enjoy discovering new spots thanks to this new and original way of consuming.

Free registration for your establishment

No registration fees or commission.

You just offer the food or drink experience (cocktail or mocktail, beer, wine, appetizer or dessert, pastry, cheese....) of your choice.

You simply take into account the cost price of the complimentary experience.

Easy to use

Favday doesn't require any special computer equipment or particular training. Your team only needs to click on the client's screen to accept the food or drink experience requested.

You will receive a report every week, summarizing the complimentary food or drink experiences so as to set you apart and gain your consumers loyalty by custom-making your complimentary to their expectations.

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